Infinite flight perth to london fuel

Hello, I am right now doing a flight from Perth to London, in a 787-9 I put max fuel, and then off I went, It says that I will not make it, but will I, the 787 can fly that far, so will I make it? Btw 32000 feet 0.89 speed


First off, slow down a fair bit. A high speed can sometimes eat up fuel unnecessarily.

With step climbing and you being lighter as you go, it’s very much doable.


Yeah .89 is quite fast. I’ve flown this route both directions, it’s quite doable like Tsumia said. Slow down to maybe .84 or so, and step climb later. Trust me, you’ll make it, the winds aren’t always strong.
Have a nice flight!

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What’s ur weight in percentage? As long as you’re not really heavy you’ll have no problem making it, I flew it a few months ago

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The 787 like any aircraft becomes more fuel efficient at higher altitudes just keep speed down to .84 step climb you should be good👌

I see a “how much fuel for xxx-yyy” come up every few days or so, and the only answer that is correct is: go to Simbrief or FPL2IF, and make a flightplan. 75% or 19 hours or some arbitrary answer will never be correct as there is no way of telling what routing you will be taking, wind or any other variable. A proper flightplan will tell you everything you will ever need to know.

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Yeah I’ve used simbrief for at least 400 flights and never have i had any fuel issues unless there was a configuration problem or a change in circumstances. Simbrief is the best.
Also, you can never plan for long flights by loading full fuel and just stepping on the gas. Fuel will burn much much much faster and even faster at the wrong altitude esply if you’re above MTOW.

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Slowing down to 0.85 can make a massive difference

Ok! Thank you everybody! I made it!

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