Infinite Flight Performance on iOS 13

Hey, so I am planning to try out iPad OS 13 Beta on my iPad pro, but am debating since I want to fly also.
Are you guys experiencing any issues I should be aware of like app crashes?

I really don’t know what topic this should be on so correct me if I am wrong.

I’m on iOS 13 Beta, I’ll try it now.

I am not no, I have Apple Developer Program, meaning I have lots of features to look at App analytics when on IOS 13. After numerous flights, I have seen no performance issues with the app and everything works to my usual standard of other IOS builds.
However, I would not recommend it as currently, Infinite Flight do not support IOS13 and so there may be a few hidden bugs that I have not found which could affect gameplay.

Hope this helps and any more questions you may have about Infinite Flight performance with IOS13, feel free to PM me :)


try a long haul for better testing

I’ll try a short flight with a lot of interaction on the map/settings etc

Everything works well, I tried multiple scenarios. If I were you, I would try it, you can always downgrade

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We’ll see, my ipad is my mobile computer when I travel so if something goes wrong, I am screwed

Back it up first when installing the beta, if you’re too scared… don’t do it

Actually I can try it on a spare device. The Ipad Air might not be supported so I’ll try

Which iPad Air do you have?

We don’t talk about backing up devices, I answered his question and I’m helping him but I’ll takes this in PM


I am happy to take this to PM and assist you in questions you may have that maybe don’t link to Infinite Flight.

You can find your answer below, Axel.