Infinite Flight Performance Issues

Hiya, I am a long time IF user, been flying since February of 2021. So I am coming here to the IFC today, because of sever performance issues. I flew into SFO today, with an average of 15-20fps on an iPhone 12. This device has a A14 chip, which was only one less that than the best. (I think for iPhones). Anyway I have been severely punished with horrible fps even on low settings. It’s really depressing looking at a flight simulator that looks like it was made in a microwave knowing full well that the game ran perfectly fine a prior to the update. I would like to know if this is just me, and if so, a solution to this issue. Thanks

iPhone 12
Running the latest IOS

Hello there…

Unfortunately I have to say I experience poor performance issues on my side too…

Last update, I think I understood, prepare the way for some server updates and maybe novelties…

I’m pretty sure the staff is working hard for long days to bring us a next update that will be better and funnier

Say tuned!!

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