Infinite Flight | PER-BFI | Boeing 737-700 BBJ

Hey IFC!
You heard me right, Perth Australia to Seattle USA. And in the 737 BBJ!?! Yes it does have the range. This is my first ultra long haul with a narrowbody jet, it was quite the 17 hour flight.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Infinite Flight 299
The photos are ready!
Takeoff from Perth

Climbing high

And cruising high

I loaded about 20 people onto the plane, I wonder who those are

Flying past some cool mountains

Step climbing after losing a good amount of weight


Approaching Seattle

Safe landing in Boeing Field

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Yeah, I understand the range and it makes sense. I recently did a flight from Tampa to Newark and a United 737-700 and was stunned when I could make it on 25 percent fuel with some to spare.

Great pictures, too!

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What! My gosh, whats the max range of that thing?

Great shots, love the last one


Talk about a random route…

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I took off with 100% fuel and landed with 7% left, so I’m guessing not much more than what I flew. Probably around 17.5 hours if you are light on PAX and cargo.

@NoahM yep it’s quite a strange route. Just bringing people from one exotic place to another.


Bob looks a bit fed up with life, did he get no meal service :(

Great photos looking forward to seeing more. Liking the angles.

Happy Flying :)


Oh he real bored. He did get a meal but it was just some crappy oatmeal, Infinite Flight doesn’t really have great food catering for their flights😂

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Oatmeal, what happened to cake. Bob needs his cake 🙃 (That must have been one Long route)

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Very cool pictures!

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Awesome pictures! Pilot in picture 5 doesn’t know what he’s missing on his right side…

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The captain got cake, but he didn’t😭


What cruise Mach and flight level did you start out at?

i guess its military personnel… who knows?