Infinite Flight PC

interesting, my joystick kind of just worked without using anything lol


Very Cool!

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Thank you so much!

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This is certainly very interesting, so I went and gave it a shot on a few devices, and to my surprise, both the latest version of BS 4, and the beta for BS 5 allowed infinite flight to launch and load into a flight.

Now, I’ll I’ve tested this on 3 different computers. The represent, what I would regard as a low end, high end and top end pc specification. It’s also worth noting that if your device doesn’t support Hardware Accelerated Rendering, you’ll probably have very poor performance. This is typically a BIOS setting and not something you enable within an OS.

1: i7 3700k, GTX750ti, 8gb ram

2: i7 8750H, GTX1070, 16gb ram (laptop)

3: i7 8700k, RTX3060ti, 32gb ram.

I’m not going to go into the Nvidia control panel settings, because they have very minimal effect, and I also have some pretty hefty overclocks running on all devices. All are running the most up to date version of Windows, with all drivers and such updated. Bluestacks always on latest version with the Pixel 2XL profile chosen, mainly because I am familiar with its framework.

Device 1: Poor performance. Regular stutters and FPS drops. Lowering graphics yielded a slight gain, but the overall experience was less than desirable. Also incredibly unstable, though this may be more down to the PC than the app.

Device 2: Occasionally some small, noticeable stutters, but reasonably smooth performance. Laptop fans were louder than the simulator.

Device 3. Of course, smooth with no stuttering. Flawless performance, consistent 60FPS.

Now, under none of these situations was I able to map controls. Neither 4 nor 5 allowed me to map keys, and plugging a joystick in yielded no results either. Liveflight connect detected the simulator, but could not control is (I believe this is another issue, I don’t use it myself so I haven’t kept up to date on its compatibility).

No. Couldn’t export a single replay, and importing didn’t appear to work either. When exporting, you are given the option of using either IF or Nearby Share. Neither works. I’m sure there are ways to do it going deeper in, BS does support ADB, but for the average user that is massively out of reach.

Does the simulator look better running on a PC than it does on mobile? No. It looks considerably worse, especially the terrain. The instruments are certainly easier to read, but as far as a visual perspective, mobile at max graphics looks suitably better. Though comparatively speaking, this is exactly how it looks when you mirror to a larger screen. The resolution is still the same, but the image is being stretched over a larger screen with bigger pixels.

Is the performance better? Yes. Depending on what you class as better. Bluestacks is still 32bit android, you are limited to 60fps, and whilst you can set it to be higher, infinite flight will still cap at 60. However compatibility is still a whole other bees nest. There is no guarantee this will work on all hardware configurations, it may not work on Mac etc. Bluestacks also limits your allocated ram by default to 4gb

Is it easier to control? No. Joystick and controller support is flaky at best, and you loose access to the standard, reliable gyro controls. Liveflight does not currently work, map flight may do, I am unsure. In all situations, on both 4 and 5 beta, my keyboard would not detect either. Mouse support was there, but the very minimum.

Is the overall experience better? No. The beauty of infinite flight is that you pull the device out of your pocket, and you are ready to fly. It’s there, ready, available at any time. Having to faff around with settings, instability, compatibility removes the ease of use that IF is known so well for, not to mention the simulator has a touch UI, and just isn’t designed to run outside of a mobile device. I would argue that running the simulator at 30fps on a mid range device is much more enjoyable and simpler. I can understand on a tiny display that it’s more difficult to see, but you can always mirror your screen to a compatible TV or PC. Not to mention, when it’s working, liveflight connect is an excellent, reliable way to have a working joystick and keyboard. There’s also the fact that, up till now, users have not received any official support, and I have a feeling that will continue for a while. And, as it has done before, Bluestacks may just completely stop working again in the future. Especially considering that it supports either OpenGL or DirectX, and IF is to be written in Vulkan soon 🤷

And, speaking freely, if you’re putting this much money/ time/ effort into having this work (a 3060ti costs more than most phones and tablets), there are desktop simulators out there DESIGNED to run on a PC. FSX and it’s older sibling, Prepar3D both are quite friendly on lower end hardware. Nonetheless, it’s cool to see it working again.


it’s all in global

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if you have poor network quality it’s not recommended. The delay is just too much. I prefer using keyboard for now until I found a legit was to use a yoke on Bluestacks, it’s 100% doable somehow, just need to find the way

i haven’t had to install this. it worked right out of the pocket. only thing really needed was google text to speech

i used the integrated tilt option of Bluestacks 4 and mapped it with WASD keys

yessir that works too. you’ll need some modification and an files app then it works. I might do a video on everything in details and share it the next few days with you guys.

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Plug and play in Bluestacks? that’s interesting.

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you’re welcome. keep an eye on a video update where i go more in detail with this whole thing.

For me it also works perfect on my Surface Pro 5

Next thing i will test if the build in gyro is working with Bluestacks if yes then its absolutely perfect

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Hey thanks for sharing this!

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it’s should work. it’s on the Right side in the panel then you can map it with WASD or any other keys you prefer.

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Okay but i mean the Surface as self has an gyro build in so don’t know if Bluestacks can connect to it or do you men i can connect that gyro to the keys WASD in Bluestacks ?

No that won’t work. You cannot use the gyro of your surface. you have to use the Bluestacks gyro/tilt option and map it with your keyboard keys

Hmm okay yeah i just figured it out that it doesn’t work. Hope it will work in future would be verry cool too play IF on the Surface like using an normal tablet 😂

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The problem with me is that the performance is horrible I get no frames and severe stutters

What ur specs?

I downloaded it and started session in my play store account but it says I have to buy Infinite flight when it should already be purchased