Infinite Flight PC

So I just purchased infinite flight on Android and started installing it on Bluestacks running on an 2013 gaming laptop with i7 and 765m gtx. And I gotta say O M G

I set everything up. put everything on max in graphics. All the buttons on my keyboard work, even the tilt (left,right,up,down) I set up works gorgeous. it looks so much better on a big screen. Setting up flights so much better, ATC on a very big screen Holy cow, you can literally see all u need. Everything it so flawlessly smooth running in full 59/60 fps without a drop in performance even on a packed airport with alot of planes. I’m so in love! I know Infinite flight is not intended for Desktop Computers and not optimized but I gotta say what ever the devs running with, keep it up! freaking love the fact it’s running on my computer, smoothly without any bugs including visual bugs.
There is a problem with the text to speech tho, but that was easily fixable by installing google text to speech on Bluestacks 4, downloading the necessary English files in the settings, restarting the game and boom! everything works, you can hear the atc.

Now I don’t have to fly on my little iPhone anymore were buttons were cut off . Since I can’t use an expensive iPad that was the best solution to me.

11 out of 10 rating right there!
freaking love it! <3

Thank you Devs! Thank you infinite flight.



Thanks for sharing.
May i ask what Bluestacks version you’re using? What we’ve seen, is that most of them are crashing the app. But you have obviously found one that doesn’t :)


Do they have a way to connect joysticks now?

Last I checked they only supported a few select game pads.


Back when I was using Bluestacks, there’s a keymapping feature within Bluestacks, which I could connect to a yoke with a free software called JoyToKey. Wasn’t perfect, but I could control the aircraft to an extent where I was flying everything from F16 escorts to long hauls.


Ooo exciting! Might be time to give PC emulation another shot then since my ipad has been taken over.


I would also love to try this on my PC! I would love to know the bluestacks version. Give my poor iPad a break


hey! Yeah sure

I tried Bluestacks 5 beta. But the problem here was that despite it worked also flawless the problem was that you couldn’t map any input so I switched to the latest version of Bluestacks 4 (

I’m running it on a Samsung ssd
I changed some graphic settings in the nvidia pannel. Also I did some modification in my virtual memory so I can use more memory since I only got 12GB ram.

Control panel/all control panel items/system/advanced system settings/system properties/advanced/performance/advanced/virtual memory <<

used setting: 8000mb

Asus ROG G750JW
Processor: i7 4700HQ @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
gpu: GeForce GTX 765m
Ram: 12GB

Power plan settings: Ultimate Performance plan

[Nvidia Control Panel]

•Adjust Image Settings with preview:
(use my preference emphasizing) performance

•Manage 3D Settings:

Ambiente Conclusion - (off)
Anisotropic filtering - (off)
Antialiasing FXAA - (off)
Antialiasing Gamma correction - (on)
Antialiasing Mode - (off)
Antialiasing - Setting - (None)
Antialiasing transparency - (off)
CUDA Gpus - (All)
DSR Factors - (off)
DSR Smoothness - (off)
Maximum pre rendered frames - (1)
MultiFrame sampled AA ((MFAA)) - (off)

OpenGL rendering GPU - (GeForce GTX 765m)

Power management - (prefer maximum performance)

Shader cache - (on)

Texture filtering - anisotropic sample option - (on)

Texture filtering negative LOD bias - (allow)
Texture filtering quality - (high performance)
Texture filtering trilinear optimization - (on)
Threaded optimization - (auto)
Triple buffering - (off)
Vertical sync - (off)
Virtual reality pre-rendered frames - (1)

[Configure Surround, PhysX]

•PhysX settings: GeForce GTX 765m

drive used: Samsung 860 Evo SSD 250gb

system: windows 10 Home (version 1909)
OS build: 18363.1316

the changes in Bluestacks 4 ( are the following


•cpu 4cores / ram 4gb

•gpu engine: performance

•gpu renderer: opengl

•gpu settings: prefer dedicated gpu (Nvidia only)

•gpu in use: Nvidia GTX 765m

•ASTC texture disabled

•program frame rate locked at 120

•enable high frame rates

•display fps during gameplay

•Abi settings: Auto


•Landscape mode


•Dpi: 320

[Device Profile]

•Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


They have an option so use game pads or keyboards, haven’t tried a joystick yet. have to buy one to test it

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I’ll give this one a shot. I ordered a yoke on Amazon

posted all details above :)

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I wonder how the architecture of different processors in mobile devices an in PC/laptops handle games optimised for mobile. Hopefully it isn’t game breaking where it crashes somewhat frequently even though I may have the processing power to easily handle Infinite Flight.


I can agree with this, IF has certainly been looking amazing when running on my PC. Graphics to the max and it’s holding 60fps 😍


I have a recommendation, try using live flight connect to use a joystick with the BlueStacks running Infinite Flight.

See if that works and let us know.


Sorry for this one, have a two option , global settings and program settings, so which one?


By the coincidence of the matter. Yesterday I did a test to see if it works. Unfortunately on my side Live flight connect did not work.
If I had support on the PC it would be very interesting and would reach more people. It would be an excellent alternative for those who have a relatively weak phone or tablet, but have a PC that could work. I know the purpose of the IF, but I also don’t know if the structure to work on the PC is different. That is my sincere opinion.


I can agree with that. Any ideas why your LiveFlight connect didn’t connect. I have no idea why it wouldn’t connect.

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in fact when you install the game you have to update and install google play games on bluestak too, i also had this problem when i installed it the first time but that solved what i would like to know is how you managed to configure the rool and pitc since on my not not recognize any button if you can share your control settings I would appreciate it very much


Maybe because it’s deprecated? Might work for some systems but not all.


It is possible but should be able to connect especially if the game is able to connect to the Live Servers.

Were you able to get the filesystem to work on Blue Stacks? I tried it and was not able to export or import replays.

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