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Hi. Today I came across websites online advertising a Windows Version of Infinite Flight, however no such download exists on the actual Infinite Flight Website. It is really available on PC? Is it fake? A virus? Could a staff member look into these websites for me? This would really help me out a lot.

This has already been talked about before.

What the ad is trying to say is that it is possible to play Infinite Flight on a PC using an Android emulator. It is not an official platform, however.

This is because BlueStacks runs the Android platform.

While it is technically possible to run Infinite Flight on a PC using BlueStacks, it is not supported due to the wide range of PC configurations out there. Your experience may vary.

If you are interested you can reference the link above. Note that you still need an active subscription and I do not believe that Blue Stacks support flight sticks.


Starting off… Any website that says “Download____ for free now!” Is usually fake, especially on an app that usually has to be paid for. I’d never trust them at all, as they do often contain vicious pop ups and viruses.

Secondly, bluestacks is an android emulator that can run on windows and MacOS… As @Chris_S has just said, there are many issues associated with this, as lots of computer configurations are unable to support it, may run it poorly, and also IF isn’t “officially” supported so may not work at all on some versions of bluestacks.

And bluestacks does not support external controller’s or devices out of the box… There are some plugins that you need to run, IF often won’t save these configurations on bluestacks, and you cannot control your aircraft with WASD or anything of the like.

Probably best not to worry about it too much, just stick to the intended mobile platform 😉


Have you heard of a successful experience? Like I’m not going to get a virus though BlueStacks, am I? I get how the third party platform idea works, but I just need to make sure there aren’t any viruses. Anybody on the forum use it before?

Reference the link above. He has spent a lot of time testing with different settings. The graphics requirements by IF is often challenging to emulators. I used to use one for controlling until the global release came out. Blue Stacks is used by many people.

Smart. I was just looking for an alternative for long haul flights. I do need to use my phone for things other than infinite flight!

@AirFrance005 's link?

Yes, that is the link I am referring to.

Thanks I’ll check it out

Based on the testing I’ve performed on numerous devices… I wouldn’t really recommend it for long haul. Your mileage may vary, but IF isn’t incredibly stable on bluestacks (bearing in mind I’m running quite a high end PC and I run into several issues).

Might be worth investing in a cheap second device for flying 🙃

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Yeah I might need to do that. I don’t wanna screw up my pc. Thanks for the help