Infinite Flight Patreon?

Is there any way to donate to Infinite Flight? I don’t understand how they could do this, but I would love a way to encourage and reward the developers and other employees at IF. Possibly even IFATC. I reckon they’d probably do pretty well with a Patreon or some sort of donation system. People who donate could receive custom liveries or something.


The subscriptions are where the staff get their money from to support themselves and all others they know.


While there may not be a way to give monetary thanks to Infinite Flight, there are a few other ways you show your appreciation.

  • Buy a subscription for a friend or give them an app store gift card for Infinite Flight
  • Give Infinite Flight a 5 start app store review with comments.
  • Give back to the community by providing solid answers to member questions.
  • Join IFATC or become an airport editor to contribute.

Hope this helps.


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