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Just looking for some advice regarding the infinite flight passengers app. When I take of it deducts points from me because I don’t turn on my landing lights, then if I turn the landing lights off during any part of the flight it still deducts points from me. I don’t think this is correct but while flying should I leave my landing lights on all the time (takeoff, cruise,landing) or should I only use them during landing?


Infinite Flight doesn’t operate IF Passengers. Please see below.

Your best bet is to post the comment on their forum.

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Hey, three things. First of all, Infinite Flight does not support IFP. Second, this should be under #thirdparty. Third, your landing and strobe lights should be on at or below 10,000 feet. Landing lights should be turned on when entering or on the Runway and at or below 10,000 feet. They should be off when not on the runway, or over 10,000 feet.


Thanks for the response

Thanks for the fast response. Keep up the good work

Is this a pilot error issue then ?. Cause I have contact with the developer and can pass the information on

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