Infinite Flight Overlay

Anyone knows if you can overlay your IF flight information (alt, distance, speed, vs etc…) on streams like some people do with X-Plane 11?

Thank you so much!

If you know some networking and some code, you could write your own app that parses info from IF connect and overlays it into your stream…?


I can learn to code (I actually want to) but idk anything about networking.

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OBS my friend lol those people use OBS to have overlays in there stream :-)

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I use OBS to stream, I’m talking about the overlay itself.

I don’t think there is currently an app around that allows it. If you had access to the IF API, like LiveFlight does, you might be able to convert some of the information, but currently nothing exists for IF


I think that’s what I’m talking about but as you said you don’t know if that can be incorporated with IF?

Reading the website says it only works on computers, sorry :(

Look at this thread on the API:

This will help you to create your own overlay :)

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