Infinite Flight Overheating Device Even on Low Settings

Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: IOS 16.1.2

Hello, and thank you for stumbling by. Recently, after the 22.8 update, my iPhone has been lagging horribly. I am usually ok with lag to an extent, but this is bizarre. Due to IF overheating my device, it has killed four chargers of mine. IF has caused my phone to reach over 100F. Just sort of letting you know what could be happening. I have a magsafe charger for my phone, but will not put that at risk for IF. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


I find this interesting to say the least. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I don’t have any problems at all. I have all my settings on either “Medium” or “High”. However, I do regularly reset my iPhone as well as clear my data cache on Infinite Flight.

How to you use your graphics settings throughout the flight? As well as brightness?

Lowering brightness is VERY useful when it comes to heat and battery charging.

I use an iPhone 12 as well and I have no problems, I just turn down brightness while at cruise and use night time.

Do you have apps open/running in the background? If so, you should close them

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