Infinite Flight Organizations Database

Hi everyone,

After a discussion on the Virtual Airlines Database a bunch of us have decided there is a need for a separate list of organisations that do not fall into the Virtual Airline category.

Here is the list:

Organizations (9)

  1. Infinite Flight Escort Services
  2. [Infinite Flight YouTubers] (
  3. Infinite Flight Pictures Media
  4. IFATC
  5. Infinite Flight Airport Editing
  6. [Infinite Flight Olympics] (
  7. [Infinite Flight Commonwealth Games] (
  8. [Infinite Flight Fan Group (IFFG)]
  9. VirtualCheck Development
    10.Plane & Pilot

I am CEO if IFPM…and I approve of this message, simply because it’s true 😃


How about Infinite Flight Airport Editors…do they have a website?

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Just added it.

If anyone else knows of other organizations, please say, so regulars and myself can add them in (its a wiki).

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By the way this is really useful. Prior to this I was trying to find ways to get to each website and such. This will make things so much easier. You are a love saver

Infinite Flight Commonwealth Games
Don’t forget that one.

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since when were they active ?

If we haven’t heard from them maybe they shouldn’t be up there. Just a possible rubric

Infinite flight spotters association is no more 😀 I the founder, approve.

Haha understood mate

It wasn’t sad that @Tecnam2TA and I had to close it down…

When you start counting and realize there’s only 9 organizations there

That moment you scroll back up and realize it says nine.

Okay I’m done.


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Awesome i think this is great


Oh cool, IFES has an account now? nicee

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Giacomo, please put that site down. That is only for IFES pilots and doesn’t have the forms and everything. Thank you.

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I noticed that lol. Very nicely done 😂


Thank you sir for providing that :)