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Can I explain to everyone what this should be. If you are a group that provides services to the community, you are classified as an organization. There shouldn’t be flying groups on there. They should be classified as something else. Just because you have the name “Infinite Flight” in front of your group does not make you an organization. Facebook pages shouldn’t be up there either.

@Tristin_Woolf IFES can stay on there, they provide a service. But IFM does not.

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Sounds good, thanks for clarifying, Ben!

Read about IFVARB here:

The original intention of this was to make a list of anything that wasn’t classified as a VA.

Flying groups are unprofessional, and definitely don’t deserve to be on an organizations database.

Then why would they deserve to be on the Virtual Airline database? And why do you think you can just destroy a list of groups and organizations?

They don’t. They aren’t on either.

Wasn"t that you whole point? That Infinite Flight Military and such should be on the VA Database?

I meant flying groups such as “The Group”. They aren’t professional enough to be on either. IFM is being graded and we will see if they make it onto the VA Database.

In the revision history it can be seen that you deleted over half of the list, not just “The Group”.

Inclduing IF Japan, and other flying groups. Let me know if I’ve deleted anyone that actually deserve to be on here.

IF Japan is the Community of Japanese Infinite Flight Players not just a flying group.

But what do they provide for the community? I see them as a option for Japanese players of IF, but if you think they’re really important, add them back. I didn’t see them that way.

Exactly, they provide an option for Japanese players. This list, just like the VA one, is supposed to help people find what they are looking to join.

Well, people don’t normally organizations that casually. Maybe you need to add a separate subtitle, and change the title to something more generalized.

Can you please put Plane & Pilot Events on there?

Thanks man:-)

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