Infinite Flight Organizations Database

So a list with about 10 entries is a database?

Just to let you know,IFAE is Infinite Flight Aviation Expert. 😜


It’s also Infinite Flight Airport Editors I think

It is because it can be hard when you want to look for an organizations link, not a VA. This database will increase as more groups are created or found.

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I get that, but it’d still be just a list.
A database is something else.

Completely understood. Thank you for voicing that!
According to the dictionary:
Database: "A comprehensive collection of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer."
This is all related collected data for convenient access. So technically it falls under the definition. If not it will still serve its purpose.

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As it gets bigger it will look more proper.

Well, this is what Wikipedia says about a database:

“A database is an organized collection of data. It is the collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views, and other objects. The data are typically organized to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring information, such as modelling the availability of rooms in
hotels in a way that supports finding a hotel with vacancies.”

A database is not just a list and a list is not a database.
A database is filled with different kinds of information that can be queried to get a collection of pieces needed by a certain process. These are my own words.

If things got added to the list, you just get a longer list. It’s still not a database. :)

So in this case the VA database shouldn’t be called a database? Because all the VA database is is a list of virtual airlines. That’s all it is.
And thanks lol but I mean sticking with the dictionaries idea and not one from Wikipedia

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That makes no sense.
Ask anyone that has worked with actual databases. They will all tell you the same thing.

‘list’ and ‘database’ are words that don’t mean the same thing.

You wanted a dictionary?

“Systematically organized or structured repository of indexed information (usually as a group of linked data files) that allows easy retrieval, updating, analysis, and output of data. Stored usually in a computer, this data could be in the form of graphics, reports, scripts, tables, text, etc., representing almost every kind of information. Most computer applications (including antivirus software, spreadsheets, word-processors) are databases at their core. See also flat database and relational database.”

Read more:

Does that sound like a list to you? :D

Scripts…texts…sounds close enough to satisfy me my friend :)

In order to figure out if the man was who he said he was, I had to check this massive database with a lot of names in it.

Read more: in that one of their example sentence hints at a list

You still don’t get it!

A database is filled with information.
When you query it, the result can absolutely be a list.
That still doesn’t change the fact that a list is not a database. :D

Let’s continue this va PM please. No need to get off topic anymore here

Any new groups that should be added?

Not at this moment. Doing some research on facebook and other networks to find groups.

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Good plan lol. It would be nice to have them all up here. What about IFFG?

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What does that stand for? I forgot.

Infinite Flight Fan Group
That’s the Facebook page

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I just added it.