Infinite flight or Microsoft flight sim?


Definitely IF, in confident!


IF for sure, you need a monster PC to play MSFS unlike IF which you can play on outdated ipads



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Thanks for the understanding mate!


Declan you are like the Police of the IFC lol.


Haha, I try not to be. Just like seeing things run smoothly and everyone following the rules that we are all expected to follow. ☺️


All hail IF.

You got to maintain law and order for things to run smoothly

That’s IF, but if you’d actually bump up the rendering and quality of the scenery and the aircraft and also post this outside of the IF Community, I’d believe you when you say that this was taken from MFS or from real life.

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Great shot! Definitely IF, but really nice one. Would love to see the details of where you flew too, according to the #screenshots-and-videos category rules

Ah, yes, the IFPD. They have secret helicopters in IF too with cloaking enabled, that’s how overspeed violations are issued.


I love the shots dude! Be sure to fill in the format next time though :)

Personally, the two fill different needs.

If I want to fly around to see the sights of the world, MSFS.

If I want a legit ATC experience, IF (IFATC FTW).

If I want to take the planes realism to the next level, MSFS.

If I want to be a part of a community of people that love aviation, IF.

But side from their differences, they both are good simulatiors. While MSFS is outstanding in terms of graphics and realism, IF overall is more fun and enjoyable to fly in. So I’ll leave it at that, they both are great, just depends on what your looking to fill!


IF and MSFS are completely different types of sims based on what devices they support if I were to choose between the two I would definitely go for Infinite Flight for multiple reasons…

  • Amazing community
  • Continuous updates
  • Adding new 3D airports every now and then
  • Highly detailed aircraft (for a mobIle flight sim)
  • Daily VA/VO events
  • COSTS! Infinite Flight is by far the cheapest mobile flight sim out there in terms of the product quality that they provide.
  • One of the most unique flight sims!

I don’t think you can compare the two, PC has a major major specifications and graphics difference which means it would be better, but as a mobile sim, IF is phenomenal

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Thank you all for the compliments, i am sorry if i forgot to put the route. So here it is, the route was Hong Kong to Seol.

IF anytime anywhere

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Infinite flight

Infinite flight all the way 🤩

MSFS only gives me low frame rates and a super warm laptop

IF all the way

Em its also available for the xbox series S/X at 4K 60PS