Infinite flight or Android issue

I have no clue whether this is Infinite Flight related or Android device related / fall related. For a little while now I’ve been having audio issues, if you can imagine yourself listening to a radio that is losing radio signal the kind of static that it provides and it’s hard to understand that is what I am dealing with while controlling on the expert server (IFATC). What really puzzles me is it only happens sometimes, sometimes it will happen other times I can hear both sides clearly and fine. However Infinite Flight does overall work. I downloaded Infinite Flight on a secondary device and had no audio issue (had a different issue with secondary device) the audio issue doesn’t really interfere with performance however is quite a annoyance and the only reason why I am making a support topic now is because very soon I will be starting training for a new position within IFATC. As stated below this is my primary device and a factory reset is absolutely out of the question. There’s just too much I can lose on this device that I cannot replace.

🌟Factory Reset Out Of Question / Primary Device🌟

Well if you have made it this far, I appreciate your time and any effort that you put into this puzzling issue.

By what you said above, it seems to me like a device issue. I am not extremely familiar with Android devices, so I won’t be much help, however, I do believe this is a device issue.

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling IF? Maybe even try to restart your device and see if that fixes it.

Edit: Does the audio act up on other apps like youtube or social media? Or does it only happen on IF?

Edit #2 If it only occurs on IF it could be a text to speech issue on your device(I believe IF uses text to speech for ATC commands, if not this won’t work). Go into settings look up text to speech and then change your primary engine and see if that works.

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Seems to have fixed the issue, thank you!

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