Infinite Flight Operations Won’t Connect

Hey I’m having an issue with Infinite Flight Operations. Since this is 3rd party I figured I wouldn’t put it in the support category.

Just gonna get straight to the point. I can’t connect IFO for some reason. I’ve been using it for about a year now, no problem. Then 2 days ago it just stopped connecting. Things I’ve tried to do to fix it:

  • Reinstalled app, both Infinite Flight and IFO
  • Restarted device
  • Close IFO and Infinite Flight and reopen them

Can someone with the knowledge please help? Also on Infinite Flight after I end each flight, the spawn location puts me at an airport I landed at 2 flights ago, and not the last one, even though I landed, parked, and exited the flight, but that’s not related to this issue.

Issue resolved, feel free to close

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Glad the issue has been resolved! OP requested closure.