Infinite Flight Online

When I go on fly online it always says infinite flight is currently having issues please try again later

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Hey @Chico,
First off, welcome to the community!

Regarding your problem, could you please explain and elaborate more regarding your problem so we’re able to assist you better? Also, please check that you have a suitable network connection.

Are you able to spawn in an airport but it tells you you're offline?

If you click on the little green button in the top right-hand corner of your device, it brings down a little section of all the different things, i.e weather, live, etc. Would you mind telling me which one is the problem?

Or when you click fly it says *"Infinite Flight is currently having issues please try again later.*

If this is the case, please check you have a suitable network connection.


To elaborate on what @Luke_L has said, do you see this message

If so check you have a good internet connection as said above

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If you see that image it just means you don’t or have a sustainable Internet connection.


this happens to me a lot when I load in first time, I just hit Retry and it works fine, but make sure u are on wifi not data @Chico


Many things are being repeated here, let’s give the OP some time to reply.

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Yes I do see that message

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Ok, do you have a good internet connection?

Oh, I think I know why it doesn’t work maybe because I have the older version of infinite flight but yes I do have a good internet connection

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Hello! Is it possible if you could update your IF to the laters version and then let us know. Thanks!

This is probably the reason.

Can you provide your Phone/Tablet details?

Luke, if his device doesn’t support Global then that won’t be possible.

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True. But IF was taken away from devices that cant run global ;)

Under IOS10 and under Android versions 8 or 10 I believe

Uh if you had it before then you can still play pre global… you can’t go to the app/google play store to get it anymore, but if you had it downloaded you can still use it i believe

I don’t believe this is true, My old Ipad Rins IOS 9. Something. IF runs smooth on it with Global 🙂

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Hello @Chico @Luke_King-kong and friends wanted to share this problem that I had and solved. It’s very simple!
This problem possibly happens because you must be on the wifi channel that must be congested. For example the channel goes from 1 to 14 depending on the type of wifi. Mine goes for example up to 14.
Then go to your router’s IP, go wireless and change the channel. The best channels are 1,6 and 11. After changing restart your router.

Go testing these channels and see which was stable for you. Hope you helped and if you help share to friends here.


@Chico, hows it goeing?

Here are some things you might want to check:

  1. If you’re using a VPN, turn it off
  2. Check your wifi range and internet (maybe reset your modem)
  3. Restart your phone and the app
  4. Don’t use a hotspot from another device
  5. Try IF on a private network
  6. Update the app and your phone
  7. If these all don’t work try deleting your app and re downloading it, otherwise contact infinite flight support

I hope this helped :)

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Hello @Canadianflyer,
No need to continue to add to this conversation, most of the things you’ve said are the same things we’ve said. We’ve got many people already giving him suggestions.


Respectfully, I would like to ask why IF community members care so much about content. I don’t understand why people feel a responsibility to comment on people’s posts, when they aren’t even harming the community. After all I tried to help this user, and what I said could help him. Don’t take it personally, I am just wondering in general why people are so finicky about content and go about minding peoples business?


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