Infinite Flight on Windows 11

Hi, as Windows 11 was shown there will be the new Feature that Android Apps can be Run on Windows 11 this will work through the Amazon App Store. Is there any plan on it to get IF in to the Amazon App Store if it’s there already.

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Hey, CrazyBee!

Despite Microsoft announcing compatibility with Android apps on Windows, I believe Infinite Flight will remain a mobile simulator for the near future.

Similar to this, there were many questions regarding Infinite Flight on ARM-based Macs when Apple Announced the M1 chip. Cameron’s response is as follows:

If I had to take a guess, the same thing stands true for Infinite Flight on Windows; there will be many kinks to work out before a public release could happen.

Of course, I could be wrong - I am not a developer. I am simply taking an educated guess based on what we saw with the M1 Mac.

I hope this answers your question, and if a developer could clarify, I’m sure it would be appreciated on many fronts.


To also add onto @Zachary who had explained fantastically, infinite flight was also removed from the Amazon App store many years ago, sometime before the global version was released. Amazon’s lack of support is underwhelming to say the least, not to mention that none of the devices they ship actually run Infinite Flight.

Furthermore, with the situation of IF on a newer Mac, those devices run ARM CPUs whereas most of the devices using Windows 11 will run an x86 CPU. In short wording, the app will not run natively on windows 11 and will have to be emulated to run on the correct architecture. This can cause incompatibility, instability and just a poor overall user experience.

Windows 11 for ARM will likely also release in the near future, but I expect it’ll be exactly the same scenario with the M1 where there is no plans to release it on a desktop platform.


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