Infinite Flight on the Google Pixel 3/3XL (Compatibility)

Hello community,

As you might know, the Google Pixel 3/3XL has been publicly announced. Deliveries start November 1st. As I know I will be reviving one of these for my birthday; I would like to know if the Infinite Flight Developers/Staff are working on having Infinite Flight compatible with this new phone so I will be able to play Infinite Flight as soon as I get the phone.

Don’t know if this should be in general or support. I’ll be happy to move it to the correct channel if needs be.

Thanks for reading my Thread! I hope someone will be able to tell me.
Happy Flying

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Much like the Apple releases we cannot know of potential issues until it comes out. If there are issues rest assured the developers will work for a quick resolution.

I have a pixel 2 XL so I am curious as well. The app will most likely run but there is no 100% way to know if there are any graphics issues due to screen size/resolution.


Ok. Thanks for that information! Now, the waiting game (for me at least) has begun!