Infinite Flight on PC

Is IF 19.4.2 available on PC? If yes which application store do I purchase it from?
Thanks ;)

Infinite Flight is not available on PC. Only a mobile game.

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It’s not available on PC nor will it be in the foreseeable future

It is, but it requires bluestacks and a bunch of other whatnot. I’m sure someone here can enlighten you (@Boeing_A172) on the specifics.

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Bluestacks is not a supported format.


There was another topic very similar to this not long ago, I gave an explanation vehicle emulators and running Android on a pc

Bluestacks and other emulators have not had support since 19.4 and there are currently no plans to reinstate support. The application is designed and built to run on a mobile device anyway, performance on emulators is poor to say the least. If it’s for the purpose of connecting external controls such as a yoke, I recommend checking out LiveFlight Connect, the same recommendation I always give.