Infinite flight on PC with a yoke?

Hello guys,
I have a question, can I fly Infinte flight on Pc with a x52 pro joystick?

Good question, and has been asked before.
Not possible. IF is a simulator to run on mobile platform only.

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Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator and is not officially supported on a PC. You can use a Android emulator, but these have their pros and cons. As for the particular joystick/yoke, not sure.

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Maybe yes, according to this video:

Laura somewhat needs to run IF on PC for debugging and developmental purposes. Otherwise, there’s no good way to emulate IF without flaws onto PC, since it’s not designed to support such mechanics. Plus, Infinite Flight does not intend to develop desktop versions for large scale roll-out to begin with; therefore, it’s not necessarily meant to be emulated.


Infinte flight wasn’t met to be flown on a PC, so it won’t work, but check #thirdparty for more information on joystick compatibility.

Yes, it works on PC, you need to download an Emulator, I recommend bluestacks, but the joystick will not work

(actually it works … but it will work just like the keyboard, it sucks)

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Yes, you can if you have a smartphone compatible with Samsung DeX

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If your using a PC you should fly X Plane or Microsoft Flight simulator as those are flight sims 10x better than IF

Yup, I fly in MFS

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If you have a PC capable of running a mainstream simulator like X-Plane, P3D, or MSFS, then figuring out how to run Infinite Flight on that PC is not going to be worth it. Emulating graphics is hard, not to mention a plethora of other compatibility issues across the board.

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I have been wondering the same and still waiting for Simone to give this a shot.

I think this is wold work! Download Life flight to the PC and try and run it simultaneously it would work out good and run smoother since they are in the same device in theory.

How did you get IF to work with blue stacks? The app keeps crashing on me.

try testing in version, is the one I use and works perfectly

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