Infinite Flight on PC. Question for mobile

So I saw Laura say in a post that they have PC development in their plans. Would that mean discontinuation of the mobile version, and if not, will there be two different versions or just graphics enhanced?

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I doubt it would mean that mobile would not be developed. IF won’t do well on the PC, as sims such as Prepare3D and X-Plane are a lot better. I think the graphics would be enhanced for pc, but I am not sure. Only Laura can say.


@DipperDolphin I think so too…

I totally agree with your assessment. On Android and iOS, IF rules. On Windows PC, they would be compared with X Plane 11 as well as others (tough, tough competition).

It takes a lot more efficient programming to run on Android and iOS. I’m always impressed with what they accomplish with so little resources on a mobile device.


Boy, I hope not😭

Me too! And even if they don’t stop developing the mobile version, they will probably focus more towards the PC version and leave us. :(( @Laura

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That’s unlikely


PC is not nice its better on tablet

There is good side n bad side.

The bad is other pc simulator each aircraft cost too much!

The good side is IF aircraft is cheapest a lot!

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