Infinite Flight on PC (Chromebooks only)

Posted here is a link about Google Chromebooks will support android apps. This is a bright look for IF users want to set up a home cockpit :) Google confirms all new Chromebooks will support Android apps - CNET


Nice insight,

I’m currently testing an Android emulator called MEmu :

it works very well but I do not have a Joystick, I tried with the PS3 gamepad thought but I prefer a proper Joystick.


When it´s downloading to start the game the game crash, what can i do to IF runs on MEMU

Does memuplay work? Usually the graphics is what holds the emulators back.

I have s zbook G3 Studio and had to update the Bios to enable for VTx , as siad mine is running well. I will post some pics as soon as I get a Joystick

How is the graphics? I want to use my external monitor just for flying because of it size but ive done this on my mac to hdmi and the graphics can be choppy. Let me know.

I’ll post some pictures for you next week. This week I’m away from home


What about mac?

Doubt it. Its for computers to support android.

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I installed it but IF will not run. It keeps closing my emulator. I tried to control with it but have not tried flying. This is the same thing that happens with other emulators. My system has a good graphics card too. It looked promising but for controlling it just crashed. I will keep looking.

I use Andy emulator but it downloads games each session which I do not like.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
I don’t want the PC version because it would probably slow down the updates for the app.

It might slow down updates, but they would most likely start being higher quality.


Same to me but i´m using MeMu

There’s only one problem: almost no one has a Chrombook (I might be horribly wrong though)

did u read the link posted? this computer will support android apps,this isn’t me calling for IF on pc.

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android devices can be cheap bro so that the plus for IF. u can just get a chromebook thats made within the past 2years then it should be compatible and a external monitor for large cockpit. I am currently designing my basement for for the await of global.

I wouldnt use a emulator for IF. What is recommended is just tether your device to a external monitor and then you and still use the device to either control the aircraft of connect a joystick more realism.

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