Infinite flight on other platforms

I think the next big thing for infinite flight should be making the game for Xbox 360, Xbox one,ps4,PS3.

What do you think?

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Please search before posting. There has been countless topics about this. Sorry for the meme, I had too…

@Aernout, @Swang007, @MishaCamp please close this topic

Please! :)

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In the future it would be great if you guys could find the topics that another topic is duplicating and post them. Sometimes people flag for moderation and yell out “Duplicate topic” everywhere when there really isn’t one.


I’m very sorry. Lesson learnt, move on :I

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I haven’t checked if another topic exists about this (honestly I don’t remember if there was). If you could find the original topic in the future and post it, it would make our jobs as moderators a lot easier, thanks :)

I guess it may be a duplicate as this topic and post was made…

You’re the A318 in the pack of A380’s you’ve saved me! :)

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Well he’s requesting “other platforms”. Could be different from just PC.

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