Infinite flight on Motorola moto G3

Hi. I have moto G3 and I bought this game 1 month ago. When I keep anti aliasing on and water quality high, the game then just works slowly ie lag though my moto g3 has 2gb ram.
Can someone answer my doubt.

RAM is not everything. IF is also dependent on a CPU and a GPU among other things. Make sure you clear all apps, and keep a bit of storage space to maximize RAM availability. Your device just may not be capable of full settings.

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I clear all the background apps before playing and I do have 6GB free space.

Try turn off Anti alaising, only leave the other graphic settings at highest 😊

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I tried that but still it works slow. It only works normal when I keep both the settings low

Try no anti aliasing and medium plane ground and high water

Medium plane ground??? I did not understand that

minimum plane and ground

Ok thnx. I will try that also.

Medium for plane and ground.

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