Infinite Flight on Macs?

WWDC 2020! Apple has just officially announced their transition from intel-based Macs to custom apple silicon! This means that over the next two years, Macs will begin using the same processors that we have in our iPhones and iPads. This is huge news because it means iPhone/iPad apps will effortlessly be able to transition to the Mac.

This leaves one major question… how excited are you to play infinite flight on your Mac?!

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Not very, that will still require a bit of development by the IF team. It might be a while until we see it on PC/Mac. And just because they can “effortlessly” transfer to Mac doesn’t mean they won’t have to do anything.

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Apple using their own chipset and making it easier for iOS/iPad OS apps to be integrated on mac OS does not mean Infinite Flight will come to Mac anytime soon, or ever.

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It would be probably easier to program when the Processor is from the same company, but programming and adjusting to a Laptop would just reduce the content we get on mobile. Aircrafts and Project Metal…The adjustment would take time, a lot of time.

Apple made it sound somewhat like it would have its own line of chips, either way, same architecture, so should be a relatively easy post if developers want to do it…

Not that much would change, the processor in there demo Mac was the A12Z, the same processor from the iPad Pro, so macs might have there own chips when they launch, but there all going to be Apple made ARM chips, so true they may have more power than apples phone/iPad chips, but that would just mean they could run better, same as how the new phone would to an old one, they can play the same game if that makes sense…

It’s a big undertaking for Apple, and they’re anticipating a two-year transition period to this new architecture. That’s a long way out still, and since we’re not sure of all the details, we can’t say it’s an effortless transition just yet.

There’s nothing to confirm just yet, but we’ll talk about this more in the future if the technology has matured. Thanks for your understanding!