Infinite Flight on MacBook!

Did this awesome flight today! Used QuickTime player on my Mac to Screen Mirror from my iPad to Mac. And it sure is awesome!

Oh, and shoutout to @carmalonso for LiveFlight! Amazing App


holy cow this is awesome :DD

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i can aswell :) just didnt wanna turn on my Apple Tv

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You’re Mac is 13", the iPad is slightly smaller and you’re still using it to control IF, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense :/

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Do you use quicktime and plug in your device? Or do you use another software?

How?! <you can’t see this bit

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what a coincidence!

I did a similar thing today and also included the usage of a joystick:

pictures of this setup

rgds, Clipper 747PA

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Looks cool! Didnt see it tho ;) wasnt planning on stealing your idea or anything


…do you refer to my entry??

if yes, Thanks for your feedback and secondly, …everything is fine, you did not at all :-)

I am just happy, that more and more simmers start to explore the potential of the connection of devices (thanks to Cameron’s interface app’s)

Let me tell you, I know where we started with MS Flight Simulator and where we are by now;-)
so it is just great to see, that it not only works with iMac but with the MacBooks as well.

Cheers, Clipper747PA


Yea i did.

Thats good then ;)

Its indeed thanks to Cameron, and he has done IF so much better with LiveFlight, and Liveflight Connect!

Cheers, TPP241

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oh yeah! Then you could attached your mobile devise to the joystick and you will have a perfect flight sim.

From TV, put a HDMI adapter to your Mac and plug in in the TV. then run quicktime for mirroring then watch on your TV

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@Emil_Broe I have a MacBook Air and A Small Ipad. So how do I make the screen connect to the PC’s screen? Do I plug like a charger or something like that?

How do you do it?

You plug it via the USB port, then you launch QuickTime and change the source to your iDevice so that it displays on the screen.

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Hi everyone
First of all, sorry for my english level (i’m french). I wish you’ll understand my questions…
My Device is a Samsung (S7 edge).
My computer is a MacBook Pro
My favorite game is Infinite Flight
My Joystick is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

Is somebody could explain me how to display IF on my Mac (from a Android Device) and play with my joystick.

Thanks a lot Captains

This is necroposting.

Should i open a new subject?