Infinite flight on ipad

I am playing on ipad and need help learning to play and create a call sign etc and how to communicate with other players if I can


The offical Youtube channel should help you as it has toutorials of flying and Air traffic controlling if you are intrested in IFATC.

The YT channel has a vid on how to change your callsignđź‘Ť

I moved this to #general as our great community will be here to your aid with great guides and suggestions. Welcome ;)


Make sure to check out #tutorials for some great info :

There’s ATC, flight basics, and much more! Happy flying! (Everything here is certified, so there shouldn’t be any meaningless topics)

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Hello Chris, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. It is important to know the rules and regulations that we have in place here on this forum, so I suggest checking out this post I will link down below, it has a lot of useful information that will help you understand how we fly here on the forums.

I would also recommend checking out #tutorials, which has everything from ATC, to flight operations, server rules, and multiplayer information. If you need any assistance, be sure to reply to this thread, and there will be many people who would love to help you. ;)

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Hello! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community Forum and Welcome To Infinite Flight! You are going to love this app. Let me help you get all set up and ready to fly!


Here I present to you the home screen as soon as you enter the Infinite Flight App. For reference I also created a Color Key for the items that you were asking about. You’re Welcome.

Green - The Tutorial’s Section - If you click on that you will see that it brings you back to this wonderful community forum. The Infinite Flight Community Forum is the best way to communicate with pilot’s as well as learning some awesome things that you maybe didn’t know before. I’d highly advise you to check out the doings of this forum and all of the different categories that we have to offer here. This forum is meant to be a helpful/fun environment!

See Here & Here - These are some great beginner topic’s

Red - Flying/ATC - If you click any of these three icons here, you will then go into a screen that looks like this…


From here, you will find a cool aircraft to fly, where you want to fly (ANY Airport in the globe), and what server you would like to fly on (Grade 1’s are limited to the Casual Server, Grade 2’s are on the Training Server and Grade’s 3-5 are on the Expert Server with Expert Air Traffic Controllers). Check out the Airspace Status chart to see where Air Traffic Controllers are open (Training and Expert Server’s only) and where the busiest spots are within the server (KLAX and EGLL always seem to be hotspot’s - but also spots where people tend to troll on the Casual and Training Server’s).


We have so many cool aircraft and liveries that you can fly (Including the A-10 which was just recently added to the app - Read More About It Here) But if you see one that you would like to find in the app someday; you can request it or vote for it in the #features Category on the Forum (TL2+ can post).

See Here - Why have I not reached TL* yet?

Yellow - Stats, Callsign & Username - This screen allows you to do anything from checking your stats to changing your callsign or fixing up your display name. Once opening this tab, you will come to this screen…


From here, you can tap the “i” next to your grade to see what requirements you need to reach the next grade. Grades range from Grade 1 to Grade 5. See this topic for information on how to read the grade table.

You could also tap on your Display name or callsign. You should choose a display name that is personal to you (Mine is IFGAC-Balloonchaser - Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC) followed by my Forum name). Your callsign should be more relaxed though where your display name should be your community name (So we can contact you).

You can pick either a “airlines” callsign (Real Life Airlines) or you could make a personal callsign under “General Aviation” for you. EX: Mine is BCHASER. People easily recognize me by my callsign.

I’d highly recommend that you purchase a Infinite Flight Pro Subscription (Christmas is coming up). As with IF-Pro; you can fly all planes, fly globally (Every airport on the globe we call Earth), fly with thousands of other people and have fun while doing all of that! See for a overview of what the Live Servers look like! It’s awesome! (You should look into a Horizon Subscription while you are there) ;)

Once you purchase a IF-Pro subscription, fly a couple aircraft around and get a feel for them… If you crash, don’t worry about it as its a full on learning experience. I know that I crashed a lot on my first couple of flights about 3 years ago.

I hope to see you both on the forums often as well in the skies!

Don’t Be Afraid to PM me or ANY OTHER Infinite Flight Community (IFC) Member or Moderator with ANY questions! We love to help!


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