Infinite Flight On iPad Mini (Latest Model)

I am considering buying the latest iPad mini model. I want to use the iPad for mainly just Infinite Flight and other games. Please let me know how it runs, and if it is a great to device play Infinite Flight. Thank you!


I have the iPad mini 4 which runs great so I’m sure the newest one will be good too

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It runs perfectly, I’ve got the latest one.


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I have the mini 4, pretty smooth.
@Z-Tube uses the mini 5 and I heard that it can run everything on max settings very smoothly.

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Thank you for your help everyone!

I totally agree, everything runs on max.

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You heard correctly!

@InfiniteFlight48, the iPad mini 5th generation (what you are considering) would be a great choice! I’ve had no complaints, and besides the nice scratch my dog put on it, it’s great. I would highly recommend getting it!


Definitely, I have the iPad mini 4 too and it works perfectly. Even the iPad mini 3 (which my friend has) can run smoothly.

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