Infinite Flight on iPad Air 2

Hello IFC.

I have the iPad Air 2 (16GB) that is running the most recent version of iOS. It has been running fine but lately my game has been crashing, even on short haul flights. Any clue what causes this?


Hey there!

I am sorry that you are having issues. The most probable cause of this is that you a) you don’t have enough storage and your device is having trouble rendering the scenery, b) your devices battery is degraded and is having trouble keeping up, or c) your graphics are set to max and that is heating up the iPad, causing it too crash and close out the app.

Your best bet would to clear the RAM on the iPad (hold down the power button until you see slide to power off and then hold the home button until you are brought to the lock screen) and then restart the iPad as you normally would when powering it all the way down.

Hope this helps and feel free to PM me of you need :)

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