Infinite Flight on IPad 6 generation, 2018

Does IPad 6 generation 2018 with 5 GB of storage good for Infinite Flight? Does it run good? Does it lag?

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That’s actually the exact device that I use (except mine’s 128 GB of storage) and have been using for like three years now

It runs IF perfectly on max settings while also running In-Flight Assistant and IF Passengers in the background 🔥 👌

My device is still in brand new, perfect condition even after using it for IF for years, even long haul flights, overnighters, and everything.

It can lag if you’re in a very busy airport with ATC and stuff, especially after a new update when crashes are common across all devices. However, I just turn down the aircraft count and it works a little better

I have 5 GB

It will be fine for the start but might have to delete and reinstall/delete replays/clear cache often, as the game itself often exceeds 10GBs.

Are you referring to RAM or data storage?

I don’t think any iPad comes with only 5GB of storage, unless you mean 512 GB.

Chances are, if it’s the 2018 (6th gen) iPad, it’ll work 👍

It is the 6 generation 2018 iPad. There’s only 5 GB of FREE storage left on my device.

Infinite Flight can take up to 12gbs of storage, from what I’ve seen on my own iPad. Now you can get by with 5gbs available, for only so long. Liveries, aircraft, replays, and scenery take up space as you go. I reinstalled IF the other day to remove the 12gbs used, and after a few (3 or so) flights it’s gotten up to 2.51gbs. If the storage gets too high though, you can reinstall IF

Performance-wise, you should be ok in terms of good fps and decent graphics quality, but stuttering may occur when you begin to run out of space.

TL;DR it’ll work for a little bit of time, before it begins to exceed your available space

Infinite Flight is currently free to download from the App Store (it is free at least on Google Play, I assume the App Store is no different) and you can fly around in solo mode for a bit to try it out.

Oh okay

Can you clear more storage?

If not, you can run IF but will have to periodically delete replays.

I have a ipad6 (2018) 32gb. I only have IF on it and I have 4GB left after just having uninstalled/re-installed a few days back.

I’ve had issues with the app stuttering and crashing at moderately busy 3D airports, especially on approach. More often when the storage gets even lower than where it’s sitting now. And it doesn’t take more than a week for me to get storage warnings.

I have offloaded everything I could. I have no photos, no documents on the device. No chrome. No other games. Nothing.

Because of this, I just literally bought a new device. The iPad 6 is a nice device, but I’m tired of being limited by the 32GB.

Poeer your iPad off and power it back on. Saved 2 GB just like that!

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