Infinite Flight on Huawei store

Hello !

Sorry if it’s not a “feature” but i think it will be great to have Infinite Flight on the Huawei store because Huawei does some powerful devices which can run easily. But without Google because of America…

So what is your thought ?

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Hi mate. Since I believe IF is from the US, China doesn’t allow for US apps to go on their devices. Unless you got a new phone and VPN. I feel bad honestly but we are glad you’re here 🙂

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Im pretty sure you may be able to side load the apps using a backup from other android devices. Apparently it should work but you wont get updates. Ive never dont it so I dont know much about it

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I believe that is called jailbreaking (from what O know). This does work but might expose your device to bad viruses

I understand but if you are un Europe for example we can have US apps on Huawei devices… So who knows… Maybe one day…🤞

Could a VPN be the solution…

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The problem it’s acutally New huawei devices havn’t Google store… So…

Jailbreaking to android then? (Hey, I’m not encouraging that to happen ok?)

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I don’t think it’s a good idea but Thanks !


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