Infinite Flight on Huawei new device

Hi everyone, I downloaded IF on my Matepad 11 but when I launch it nearly 1 minutes after the launch the game crash so I could not be able to play, is there any way to fix it or it’s because it’s not compatible with new Huawei device?

Thank you

It doesn’t really work with Chinese phones

Hey there! When looking at the IF Device Compatibility thread, the Matepad 11 is not listed. This doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t compatible, yet it hasn’t been tested by the community. I’d recommend uninstalling and re-installing, however that may not work since some Chinese devices do not work in general.

You can try to download it again

Is the Matepad an Android or Windows device?

If itsa new Android type from Huawei, then it probably lacks Google Play Services. What App store did you use to download IF?

Also what OS version does the device have?

I have HMS services from Huawei because Google ban Huawei so I downloaded via APK

Unfortunately, we only support devices with Google Play Services at this time. Apks aren’t distributed legally and are old versions of the app we no longer support. Sorry!


Sad story, it doesn’t matter. Thanks for the reply

No worries. We’ll announce if we ever list on the Huawei App Gallery, but we don’t have any immediate plans for now.


Oh okay but Is there some possibilities that IF will be available for 2022?

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