Infinite Flight on Harmony Os 2.0

Hello !

I just passed on Harmony Os 2.0 couplé of days ago. And now with my phones on this system i can’t pass to the 21.5 anymore, it says that my device isn’t compatible now…

It there any possibility that Infinite dev team can make Harmony OS 2.0 compatible with the Harmony Os ?



Download a safetynet check app and see if it passes

My Phone wa fullu compatible before Harmony OS (Huawei p30).
Since the uptade to Harmony Os i can’t have uptade anymore (because it’s not on android anymore)

IF has added a requirement for devices to pass safetynet in order to install/update IF. I don’t support this decision whatsoever but it is what it is.

It could be HarmonyOS doesn’t work with safetynet at all and you will have to revert to EMUI. However, can you try if this does anything?

You can install the app that shows your GSF id from the play store if that still works.

Also try clearing data of play store afterwards. You won’t get kicked off your account or lose any apps.

I did these on my old Xiaomi phone and ended up fixing the problem. However the most important step was probably actually updating my OS to latest version (I had been afraid of Android 10).

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I can’t see nothing to download there but i checked my play store setting and it says that it’s “certified”. And I don’t think it’s a Google side problem. Because on the page for download Infinite Flight it’s written to contact the dev of the app (which is IF in this case)

IF changed their play store policy to require safetynet attestation. I don’t know why they didn’t go for a root check instead, but it’s not something that IF controls.

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