Infinite Flight on Cosmo Communicator

I’ve been rocking my Gemini for a while and outside of a few cons, personally, it has been a great device for my uses. The cons being no backlit keyboard and only a single usable SIM slot.

The Cosmo stepped it up and has a bit more resources in terms of memory and general available storage but has an exceptional improvement with the new backlit keyboard itself.

I’ll be testing it as it just arrived a few days ago and I only recently opened it up.

Here are a few photos graphs of the device next to the Gemini. The Cosmo has Cosmo screened on it.


I don’t use these devices for IF normally but have. The biggest issue being the accelerometers do not play well in horizontal. Need to spend some cycles mapping the directions but it does run well on the Gem.

I do not anticipate it running as smoothly as iOS is operating with it running on an iPad Pro 12” —

—- will update with IF details - —

If i’m not wrong this should go in #thirdparty

No. This is more of a device compatibility/testing. Not really third party thing.

If it’s about the device compatibility it would rather Fitbit the post I linked below, but I am really unsure wether this post is really (much) about IF (?)

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