Infinite Flight On Consoles [Poll]

That’s definitely debatable. Infinite Flight isn’t hardware heavy, I mean, come on, it runs on mobile. So yes, as long as you don’t have an ancient PC it is totally capable of running IF. Consoles aren’t perfect either, and the developers could definitely have optimization options on PC.

It’s isn’t hardware heavy yet and they could do some cool console/pc exclusive features that are hardware heavy

Again. Optimization options are always a thing. And a lot of the exclusive options could maybe be turned off if it’s not game changing. Those exclusive features won’t be too PC intensive I would suppose. Just look at a game like FS:X or something. Plus, Infinite Flight could run on an older engine or something like some games which allows a lot of older or slower PC’s to run it smoothly. But that requires much work.

Maybe once they have close to perfected the mobile version, FDS may think about console or PC release. The reality is that the entire game will need to be rewritten for the console or PC platform, which is a monumental task! And Flight Sims are a niche market. They aren’t like racing sims where every Tom, Dick and Harry plays them like they’re going out of fashion. The competition for FDS on the mobile platform is almost non existent and even still, it has been a long and bumpy road to get to where we are today! Console’s might be the next best step as there isn’t many (if any) rivals to deal with. (As @Riley_Dunshea mentioned), I don’t think there is a yoke system for a Xbox or PlayStation simply because the market isn’t there for it. Which then begs the question, why has it taken so long for a decent flight sim to come to the Xbox platform? Yes…they are coming now. And they are finally getting serious. Coming out with global flight too apparently. So maybe if this trend continues and the market for flight sims gains more momentum, the support for additional products will come. Here’s a peak at what’s to come;

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