Infinite Flight On Consoles [Poll]

As Steve Jobs said "People think focus means saying yes to the things you’ve got to focus on, but that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that are there. "

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You people make me sick. Why is there no WiiU and 3DS. There perfect for IF. Bah
I would want for 3DS because the game PilotWings was on it. But IF needs to get the sim approved by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo for it to be on those platforms. But please when people make topics on IF for console have the WiiU and 3DS because there consoles too.

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No love for Nintendo or Steam


Yes we shall revolt. steam would be good to if there is ever a public PC version.


IF was originally designed for mobile so it should stay on mobile. This is an amazing mobile flight sim. That’s what makes IF special! So it should remain on mobile/tablet and no other device! 😄

This is a flight simulator. There is no realistic way to control a Flight Sim on console, plus it is much more of a pain to develop having to work with different languages/SDKs etc.

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Xbox has a wireless wheel that can act as a yoke.

Exactly. Both the Wii U gamepad and the 3DS have motion controls built in. I hate it when people don’t include those two consoles.

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Yes that would be perfect. the WiiU gamepad can can act like if you played on the mobile devices. Same with the 3DS. the Xbox and PlayStation will have a hard time beating those controls.

PC And MAC Not just pc…

Infinite Flight was made for mobile so, I think that it should stay there.

Everything branches out eventually.

Not everything…

Pc and mobile.

I think IF should stay on mobile

IF would be great on the PC and mobiles. I thought I heard plans for developing IF on consoles a long time ago.

I understand if the 3DS would have trouble playing the game due to hardware limitations, but the Wii U would be great for it. Too bad the Wii U seems to be on it’s way out.

Although I do have a ps4 it would be nice to play it on there especially for voice chat but they should also still keep it in the ps4. Also global should be the number one thing they should stay focused on

I don’t think IF on console would do well. PC on IF would be so much better and PC’s could run it well.

Consoles run much smoother than pc as they are optimized for gaming, while most pcs aren’t