Infinite Flight On Consoles [Poll]

Choose which consoles you’d like IF on

  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • Xbox 1
  • PS4
  • Xbox Project Scorpio (Holiday 2017)
  • PS4 Pro (November 2016)
  • None of the above / Keep IF on Mobile and/or PC only

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I would prefer that the devs focus on features like Global etc. than making IF on any console. In addition, more people probably have mobile and tablet than consoles, the devs have to focus where the business is so they can bring us more features :)


Kyle the console gaming market is 4x larger than mobile gaming (In the US) I’d say that where the business is… also there is not one flight simulator offered on any console so IF would sell extremely well.

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I’m not controlling a plane with a contoller sorry.

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Don’t need to you could use a yoke, and it would be much easier than on mobile, also Xbox smartglass could act as a keyboard for some controls.

I’m pretty sure you can’t connect a yoke to a Xbox but okay.

They could easily optimize one

It wouldn’t be worth it. Developing a yoke that people need to play the sim and the cots involved with that wouldn’t be worth it. It would also take to long which would slow down update progress.

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Not to mention there is so much more potential on consoles, So much more power than mobile without the lag of PC

They would have to hire more staff to keep up with the new demand and updates would come just as fast as they would probably have a team working on updates and a team optimizing them for each platform

I’m sorry but I don’t think it will happen.

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Ik it won’t but it’s better to have hope then to be so negative

But my opinion is that I think they should just focus on the features on mobile and make it as good as possible, before making IF on another console/device. It would also make the workload twice as it is now, since the devs would have to divide their work between mobile and console.

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Like I said they would most certianly hire new devs

But that would cost them extra money, and they wouldn’t be able to give us features as soon as possible. Anyway I have to go I don’t wanna start a huge debate.

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It would double the workload but it would easily multiple their income to at least 3x+ of what they earn now and that could mean bigger updates with more features

Alright same here. Later

Just no haha

Do it on XBOXES only like the Forza Horizon 2 series

Console version of IF was marked as planned on the feature request page.