Infinite Flight on Chromebook?

I usually play IF on an iPad 4, but I recently got an Acer Chromebook R11, which is a convertible Chromebook with touch screen (so you can flip the screen and use it like a tablet) and which has access to Google Play. Android apps usually run very well on it, and I have tried X Plane 10 and it seems to have all the necessary sensors to play games with physical input (tilting and rotating the unit). Has anyone tried IF on one of these Chromebooks? If you have, please post about your experience – how are the graphics, how is the performance, etc? I have a non-trivial amount of money invested in IF on my iPad, and I don’t want to invest in a Google version of the game if it won’t run well on the Chromebook.

Thanks, and cheers! Jason

Chromebook, are meant for schools…

There meant to be done for little things.

There not suppose to run games.

I doubt there able to run full graphics.

I suggest a iPad Mini or a Samsung Tab if you want something like a Chromebook.


Well it depends on the performance ie your iPad has about 2gb ram and 1.5 ghz quad or something like that and your laptop has like ie 4gb with 2.9 ghz.
Your laptop would be good for speed and your ipad would be good for control…
You can buy controllers for If
Or you could stick with the ipad

I suggest the laptop

Also as person that knows tech…

Next time dont get acer because it has low quality and its ehh

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Thanks, guys. We have three Chromebooks in our house and use them for nearly everything – we hardly use a “real computer” anymore. This is the first Acer I’ve bought; it was about 40% off on a Black Friday sale, so I thought I’d buy one just to play with Android apps on a Chromebook (none of our other Chromebooks support Android apps), though not specifically for IF. Both of our kids have Acer C720s issued through their schools, and they’re rugged little machines. I hope this one runs well for a long time.

Back to the topic – it does have an entry level Celeron processor, which I figure must be at least decent, though not class-leading. Xplane 10 seemed to run well on it – graphics seemed to be crisp with no real lag. I have to keep the graphics quality turned down on the iPad 4 to get lag-free performance, which is a shame because I don’t experience the very fine detail on the aircraft models.

As I said, I certainly didn’t buy the Chromebook in order to play IF on it, but if it’ll run well on it, that’d be a bonus. It’s too bad IF doesn’t have a “trial” version with one plane and one region in (similar to Xplane).

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