Infinite flight on BlueStacks?

Can I use Infinite Flight on BlueStacks?

You can yes, Dan made a tutorial on how to configure it. However note that it is not officially supported so you won’t be getting any support from staff members regarding BlueStacks

Hey. I downloaded bluestacks but I don’t see Infinite Flight in the google play store. Only RFS and some other flight games.

You should be able to view it here. As mentioned above, Bluestacks isn’t officially supported. This meaning if it works it works, but if it doesn’t, there’s not much that can be done on Infinite Flight’s side. :)

Also, do note that should you receive a violation from ATC and wish to appeal it, you will need to submit your replay. And you must have a replay for an appeal. With Bluestacks, this more than likely will not work to share a replay and/or one of our appeals members will not be able to view it since as mentioned Bluestacks isn’t officially supported.

I understand not much can be done If I have a problem. I wanted to follow Dan’s instructions but I do not see IF on the google play store (BlueStacks). Is the app not on the play store? What happened?

If you can’t see it on the play store, it isn’t supported. Simple as that unfortunately.

Is it because of a certain BlueStacks version? My Windows version?

The reason you won’t see it by default is that the default instance of Android that Bluestacks uses is 32bit - and IF no longer supports 32bit.

You can create a 64bit instance by following the directions here and then you can download, install and run IF.

(I do recall having to download something separate - although it’s been over a year since I’ve used bluestacks last, so that could’ve changed)

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Tysm! It worked.

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