Infinite Flight on background

It would be very useful if we can do other things with our phone while IF is running a flight.

It would be very nice for Global Flight tho.
Allows me to talk or watch videos while i am at FL390 in IF and get a notification when I reach waypoint or if a ATC does contact me

I don’t think the devs can do anything about this… It’s the devices RAM that matters.


Yep, I believe its out of the devs control.


You can use YouTube PIP mode


But only if watching YouTube in Safari


Or if you have youtube RED. I think.


On newer iPads you can do split screens. I don’t know if this is compatible with IF as I’m stuck on the 4 but that might solve it.


Very good idea! But I think that it would use a ton of memorythat a lot of devices don’t have:-/


Every software are created to force users to buy more recent devices… IF haven’t the choice m. They have to follow that. I don’t care about old devices


That’s one of the things I like about Infinite Flight. They try to include older devices in their decisions. I think they get more business that way.


You can’t do proper split screen with IF. You would need to make it conpatible I think. You can do semi-split screen, but it only runs one thing at a time.

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That’s clearly hard to make…

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There will be an LNAV feature so you don’t have to take turns. The plane will turn on itself and follow the WHOLE flight path. ✈️

I like the idea, however, it could become a very difficult task for your device. You can do it by double clicking the home button on Apple, you just have to be quick about it.

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It sounds cool and useful. But it would use up a lot of resources. I don’t think a lot of devices could handle this.

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No IF isn’t compatible on Spilt-Screen I am on iPad Pro it paused the game when I open spilt screen

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Usually when I’m on live I can leave IF and then own the window again and keep going.

But you have to keep the plane on autopilot and also what will happen to atc if on ts1 or expert

What I do is, for example if I’m having dinner but I’m going from PHNL-PHTO which is about 30minutes-1 hour depending on the route, I climb to the cruising altitude then I leave it on autopilot and i go onto YouTube and have my dinner, when finished I just go back on and yes I do lose connection to the server, but it only takes 3 seconds to connect

Yes but when you are on line pause haven’t power :) flight does continue