Infinite flight on appgallery

Hello IFC
I think it will be nice idea if we can get Infinite flight on appgallery, fortunately I bought my device before Google ban Huawei but there is some people don’t have Google play on there device and this make it impossible to play infinite flight

Huawei got an app called Appgallery form there you can download some apps on your device

Thank you.

Note: I’m not sure if I can request adding infinite flight to an app, if not please tell me

I second this! I would like to be able to confidently buy a new Huawei device in future and know that IF will be supported.

I believe that Huawei provide tools to enable a smooth porting of apps to the HMS system…

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Hey mate!

While this seems like a great idea, as of June 2020, this reply from Seb has stated that releasing Infinite Flight to Huawei devices is unlikely. Sure, some things may have changed, but this was the only reply I could find/recall regarding this.

That said, I support this feature request as getting Infinite Flight to as many devices as possible should be a priority, at least in my eyes!

I‘ll see if I can spare a vote despite not owning a Huawei device.


I’ve voted now! The main issue is the dependence on Google Mobile Services and the Play Store for the subscriptions and updates.

The top Huawei devices provide a lot of performance bang per buck, and are great devices for flight simulation, and there is a big loyal user base in the West still… (although their loyalty is being tested more and more as time goes on!).