Infinite Flight on an iPhone 7 Plus

I’d stick with a tablet if I’m being honest, Global might hit you’re phone’s storage hard, even if they do have sat imagery.

This problem doesn’t happen with Samsung phones. If the phone is being used, there is a little popup for answering and declining the call and it doesn’t disrupt anything no matter what you do with the call… it’s kinda nice really.

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I suggest using a iPad then using iPhone to use firelight, LiveFlight, Etc.

microsoft is gone in the mobile industry… js

I’m not gonna debate what effect an incoming call has on a calibration for each phone manufacturer but I will just advise caution to all who are not connected to WiFi when flying on the expert server.

You could miss important ATC instruction or anything could happen. I owned a Note 5 and now I own an S7 im still cautious as my grade means everything (game related) to me . My only ghost came from a loss of callibration due to an incoming call and couldn’t enter the downwind when instructed and was subsequently ghosted. Be careful.


Honestly, all Samsung Galaxy S editions are good imho. And of course all of them have bigger screens than iPhones. I would rather use my money to buy Samsungs rather than iPhones (It’s quite useless in here so it’s a waste of money).

I enjoyed playing Infinite Flight on my Samsung Galaxy A3. Runs really smooth and I rarely find lags on Live even on heavy populated region like in SoCal TS1

@Shawn_Coleman I think it happens on all Android phones not only Samsung. Although it cant be fully blamed to Samsung on that case. Although it’s annoying but I think iPhone also do the same if there is an incoming call. Just my thought.

The only downside from Android for IF is, It has less 3rd Party App for Infinite Flight (i.e IF Assistant, LiveFlight, etc)

Anyways, the only advantage on 7+ than iPad are :

  • Bigger RAM
  • It dont use alot of battery compared to iPad

I think that’s the only different and advantage of iPhone 7+ than iPad


You forgot to mention that there are more companion apps for IF on apple

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Added it, Thanks for reminding me 😊

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