Infinite Flight on a Mac?

Good evening everyone ! I looked on the internet but I can’t find it, is it possible to play IF on mac ?

IF is only available in the Google Play Store and App Store on tablets and smartphones (I think)

Okay , thank you . I would have liked :(

You can play Infinite Flight on Mac.
For that you just have to download Bluestacks which is an Android emulator (simulates Android on your Apple device) once an account is created you can install Infinite Flight, I advise you to play on a controller on a computer;)

I hope I have been helpful !


Bluestacks doesn’t run the 21.x versions of IF all that well, at least from my experience (unable to change the graphics, and when you try it sets them to low with no way to go back)

version 20.3 runs pretty well, 60fps at max graphics


Just saying - Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight.


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