Infinite Flight On A Mac (sorta)

So…out of the new features coming to MacOS Monterey (MacOS12) - one caught my attention except for Universal control - I legit was freaking out about that…

Anyways, before I go too off topic lol, the new AirPlay to Mac feature got me thinking - what if you could play Infinite Flight on your iPhone/iPad but “AirPlay” your screen to your mac - that way you can have Infinite Flight on your mac - you will still be controlling your plane with your iPhone/iPad but still - its half-way there!

Lemme know what you think!


If you think about it it’ll be sorta like using joysticks. Except the joystick is your iPhone/iPad. Anyhow, I think it’s a good for people who don’t like being confined to small screens, like iPhone users. I like the idea and might try it out.

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I’m definitely testing this out even though I use an iPad Pro to play Infinite Flight.

I must say I do like the sound of this, being a MacBook Pro user myself! Though the connectivity via AirPlay etc. would need to be super stable especially as it would be wireless. Though I suppose on the other hand it’s already possible with joystick support.

I don’t know though, that’s just my thoughts.
Good idea! 👍🏻

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Or, you could connect your joystick via Liveflight Connect or similar.

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I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s nothing special. I’ve already tried it.

It is kinda cool to see Infinite Flight on such a big screen, though.


Its seems like samsung dex on Galaxy Phone. Its start in 2017 until now. And yes i can make my phone screen in desktop with only use cable data

Adding on to what ZTube said, I’ve tried AirPlay on my Apple TV with IF… definitely makes things bigger and more interesting, but other than that it doesn’t add anything too special. I find that when I do screen share, I still find myself looking down at my phone to make sure I’m actually hitting the right button, adjusting the throttle and not just sliding my finger across the screen, etc. Definitely something to try though, I recommend you try it at least once, just for the experience.


Yes, also I think you can get a little delay, tried it on chromecast a while ago, had one 1 sec delay there

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True and responsiveness isn’t great either. I got a 1 second delay between my phone and tv so it would not be better on a pc I guess…

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That’s true too, it’s been a while since I’ve tried it but I vaguely remember it lagging a bit. At the time, that most certainly played into the reason why I don’t still play IF that way.

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I just saw I had one typo there, meant to write I had 1 sec delay 😅

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You can play infinite flight on a pc through the google play store. However if you have the game on IOS u will have to pay the .99 again to get it on google play

There is another way to play on Mac you could use an USB-C to lighting cable and can screen share through QuickTime but the quality and detail won’t be as good as the phone.

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I’d just HDMing the iPhone to a screen or open QuickTime choose « record video » then select your iPhone on the source ^^

Really all this is is just regular AirPlay but to a Mac. I’ve AirPlayed IF to my TV before so I imagine it’s not much different. Works as well as you think it does.

Also, I did install the iOS 15 beta on my phone and the MacOS Monterey beta on my laptop to try this out but sadly doesn’t look like Beta 1 of either has the AirPlay feature yet :(

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