Infinite flight on a Huawei P-Smart 2019

I recently upgraded to a iPhone 11 and that means that I can use my old phone as a dedicated Infinite Flight device, but I have run into some problems…

I can fly short haul routes no problem (excluding one but I’ll get too that later), I’ve been getting my levels up on a new profile and a couple of days ago I tried to operate a overnight long haul flight from KJFK to UBBB and it crashed around 5 hours and 13 minutes in. I thought that this was weird so I did some short haul flights and then I did the same thing the next night and the same thing happened, at around 4 hours and 37 mins it crashed.

I started doing some tests to figure out why it’s happening so I did some mid ranged flights (LGAV to OMDB & EGLL to HECA, both were around 4 hours) and it didn’t crash but when I did a flight from KORD to MMMX a crash occurred at 5 hours on the dot.

I’ve tried various different graphical settings and no apps were open in the background when the crashes occurred.

There can be 3 different conclusions from my weird investigation

  1. The phone can’t take it
  2. There is a bug in infinite flight
  3. I am being a idiot and have messed around with the settings too much

I think the answer would be number 1 but I can’t be sure so any help would be much appreciated.

Peace out

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Hi @Wyndbain

Based on what you have said, and looking at the specifications for the device, I would argue that your 1st conclusion is likely correct. The P-Smart is a very low end device, lacking in the power department, although it should be at least capable of running the simulator.

I wouldn’t say for sure that it is entirely down to that, but I’d recommend trying a few more flights, setting your graphics down to minimum and turning your airplane count off. It may also be worth doing a full factory reset on the device, provided you aren’t using it for anything besides IF.

If it is down to the device being underpowered, then sadly there is little you can do to fix it. I would recommend using your iPhone 11 where possible, as it’s a fantastic device and will give you a vastly better playing experience.

Hope this helps, Cheers

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The huawei p-smart isn’t the best option to play Infinite Flight because it’s a low price Phone. Therefore the specs of it isn’t the best of all ! It is over all basic specs at the end for this Phone !

Running with the iphone 11 will be much appreciable ! And will offer you a better experience !


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First of all, welcome to the community! Happy to have you here 😄

The issue you may be experiencing might have to deal with graphics and the phones capacity to run a complex game like Infinite Flight. I dont know much about in expensive phones like that so I cant really say if thats the problem. I would suggest running it on the iPhone. Its a much better device with the capacity to explore the entirety of the IF world!

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I used my Huawei P Smart 2019 for a few months for IF, and eventually decided to upgrade to a higher spec phone.

3Gb RAM is probably now a kind of minimum spec for running games like this, and the Huawei struggled with low framerates when IF settings were high… It was smooth on low settings but I wanted to enjoy the scenery while flying and I thought “I’m paying to see this scenery, whats the point if I have to reduce the quality of it?”.

So really 4Gb is more likely to help, and 6Gb if you can afford a phone with that much will be ideal.

Used a Huawei P-Smart 2019 with no major problems although I didn’t run long flights which seems to be your issue. Settings have to be low to medium but it played adequately.

Make sure screen lock remains disabled (if it locks there’s your problem) as this force stops most apps (see online for adjusting this in battery settings I think) and brightness is turned down to conserve battery.

I Switched to a 4GB RAM Samsung phone and there’s not much noticeable difference so although the Huaweii is an entry level phone it did do the job fairly well.

I didn’t really explain very well…
I’ve been able to run IF on my old backup phone for a good 2 years and that was a P20 lite, and i have previously been able to run long haul on the P-Smart so me thinks the issue is more pertaining to the game (maybe?) but anyhow, thanks for the suggestion and the help guys.

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