Infinite Flight on a Computer - tutorial

No, I’m using a brand new gaming computer, with brand new components, built half a month ago.

It’s not a slouch of a computer, with the time and money I invested. Running proper games at 200-300FPS+…

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In 25 minutes I will arrive in EGLL using the training if are can see. I do not have delays or other problems.

@Hamza.N @Kirito_77 come on boys. We aren’t here to fight are we? Well… maybe you are, but if so you aren’t in the right place. Let’s all take a chill pill, let our emotions loose and talk about this in a respectful and friendly manner. Cheers lads.😂😉. Have a great day both of you😀

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Now in between LFPG E EGLL
19 minutes to egll

Looks good

Here are all the steps posted by the OP

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
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I’ll make the video on the landing with other planes to see the delay. OK
My PC is cold this as I said is good.
Warm up causes delays.

EGLL now

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I’m going to start the landing procedure.
I’m going to make the video and then I’ll show you everything here.
There may be delays but this is my PC that is old but who used PC´s new and use more memory will sure work better.

I finished -
I need to say that either cell phone or PC.
The chrome consumes a lot of memory. It greatly undermines the performance of the IF.

Like I said there is a delay in touching the ground.
This is for several reasons that use memory.
1 - audio voice
2 - several planes together
3 - My memory is only 6G
4 - I’m recording the video in real time.
5 - The chrome was open and other programs too.
Sorry for the strange landing I’m working, I could not get much attention.
attention the delay in the voice is not problem is my audio the program that I installed for the IF that is failing I will fix it.

I am watching the video and I see a big delay but it does not have in the IF but in the recording of the video I see. Help me if this delay appears to you I record another video in another way because it seems that the IF has delays but this is not true.
There was only one delay, it’s on the ground touch as I said 2 seconds.

I appreciate the video, but this is also highlighting the difficulty of controlling your aircraft. Based on what I see here, you are not using a joystick but are relying entirely on the Autopilot.

And in regards to the lag on the video, it stutters but the audio still keeps up in time, so I don’t think this is an issue with the screen recorder.

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Oh yes it is very difficult to control when using KB, does not mean you cannot use it but if you are I recommend getting a membrane keyboard otherwise you are going to get very annoyed with all that noise lol

See it is very easy to fly the mouse and the shortcut keys do everything. I use automatic because I find it easy but I can pilot manual since joystick is the mouse. The functions are the same up, down, left and right. I did that option but you can adjust to your mode.

I find the embedded bad laptop technology to emulate IF.
The reason is the (accelerated card in my language) the PC is great and some like mine has cooler. There are other reasons not to advise a laptop.

PC friends left the new bluestack version at 4.80. I’ll test on the other PC I set up. This new project the machine is 4 cores. Less memory than the 6G an accelerated Nvidia board (which I do not like) the idea is to see the 32 platform.
As you already know the current project is in 64bit.
I post the results later.
The video to install command function I will create too. Now after this part we will reach the end of the posts. Okay
Some may already know but I just found out that I can save functions for each aircraft. I’ll test that and post the results later, too.

Like I said, I’m going to go to another computer after work to see the video. There’s a lot of things open here, and it weighs in the memory. But the voice is my program or the video recorder because there was no delay until the moment of touching the ground.

Souza you are very dedicated on helping people… I think you need to help yourself rest lol… respect for everything… if you can find a solution in the future for using the IF API and IF connect it would be amazing truly…

API ???
What would it be?
My English is still weak, I accept all the help I can get.