Infinite Flight on a Computer - tutorial


Learning to emulate Infinite Flight

Hello everyone.
Duly authorized, I will be teaching and correcting and posting videos on how I.F. works emulated. I will not answer random comments nor receive criticism from people who do not like to use a computer (purism). The focus will be only the emulation to better use your Infinite.


How did you get Bluestacks to emulate it? Last time I tried it was stuck emulating a s4, so the IF version wasn’t high enough for global

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First hello
Do not worry about to this I’ll post how to do it right to get a result like mine.
Follow this post because I will publish here.

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What kind of computer do I need for this?
I am using in this project an Athlon X2 W7-64 memory 6G processor 3.40 performance note 4.7.
Tomorrow I will test on another 32bits PC to see if the result is the same because I have done this before but the system fails. The results are terrible. But I did not have the knowledge I have today.

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You should probably remind everyone that IF does not officially support emulators/PCs.


Is this a common issue? LiveFlight does not work when I use bluestacks, it freezes the game… is this true?


LiveFlight connect that is… it seems to crash after 3-7 seconds after enabling the option…


*** I’m studying English so I ask for a little patience and if you do not understand, ask me.
One more day.
Yes by program definition the IF is not for PC but this is even a silly talk here. The name is APP for a very obvious reason. Having said that, let’s first ask.
JK_330 - Yes it crashes because it consumes memory and if your emulator does not have it will have this problem. Another factor that does this is also: Android emulator, emulator configuration and windows bits.
I’m doing this a little bit because it took almost 2 years to get the result I’m showing you today, but it’s sure to make a difference from a computer to a computer.

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This video was my first I did not know how to configure the camera sorry.
But it shows that it works well I went to EGLL because I want to show that when there are many planes it a little delay. I know the cause but to solve I need to test another factor. If you can help me. Let me know if happen to have a lot of planes at the airport, and this slight delay happens.

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number 1
Make sure your computer is windows 64bits.
Its memory is greater than 5G
If you have an accelerator (what’s the English name for the off board video board?)

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Graphics card?

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My computer’s specs are:
Graphics card:GTX 1060 6GB
CPU:i7 6670K 4.5GHZ
Memory:16GB DDR3 RAM
Hard Drive:2TB SSD
Motherboard:ASUS Q87M

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Also I needed to download an older version of Bluestacks for the game to work. The lastest Bluestacks causes IF to crash immediately on startup.

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And yes, when there are a lot of planes at the airport it drops a lot of frames causing it to lag or sometimes crash

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number 2
The bluestack can not be less than version 4.40.
Can not exceed 4.50.
The fact that the emulator opens the IF is not enough you have to create a cell-style environment.
3 layers - 1 Windows 2- emulator 3 - transfer area.
Therefore, the memory must be greater than 5G.
The most flexible compatibility for the emulator is 64bit.

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about bluestack
The company has created an update and made sure about it.
They desistalaram all the old versions.
The problem is that version 4.60.XXX is very heavy and consumes 3G memory and still does not work. The maximum configuration limit is 3G that is the main problem is everything a windows uses in simple and 32bits versions. Without space to transfer the files the IF hangs and has to restart.

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The latest Bluestacks version is 4.50.5… I am using the version which is the older version yes…

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Ok I read wrong the latest version is in fact 4.60…
I am 2 versions behind

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So you are correct.

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number 3
Hello again.
I’m making posts in parts to give time to tidy up your PC’s so I’ll set it ok.
Having configured your PC and using windows 64 we can then install bluestack 4.50.
Are there advantages? Yes you can record, or use youtube or continue your work in other programs while traveling. The biggest advantage is you go to sleep and know that you will not turn it off due to lack of energy or other reasons.
If everything is ready check your windows not to enter rest mode or protection screen because this occupies the video memory and the emulator can not return to the IF.
In the next post.
If you have blue send a print of your configuration.
Screen 1 where is the memory and we will discuss what we should do ok.

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