Infinite flight on a chrome book?

On the google play store for chrome book it says you can get infinite flight, I’m not sure if anyone has tried this. The reason I’m asking is because I don’t want to get it if it won’t work, any thing you can tell me? Also if it will work what joy sticks could I get?

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I don’t think you can…

A comment from Chris:

'I installed it but IF will not run. It keeps closing my emulator. I tried to control with it but have not tried flying. This is the same thing that happens with other emulators. My system has a good graphics card too. It looked promising but for controlling it just crashed. I will keep looking.

I use Andy emulator but it downloads games each session which I do not like.’

It may work, but if it does, it likely won’t work very well.

Why do you want to get it on a Chrombook?


Because it is currently not working on my iPad,
not the games fault just my ipad has an issue

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Well, just thinking from a logical perspective, it could be that the Chromebook will work since it is synced up with the app store it is using, using a joystick would be advised.

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The Chomebook is not an emulator, it is actually synced up with the app store it is using (probably Google play), meaning that you can download Infinite Flight on a Chromebook, but a joystick would be advised for this situation.


I suggest taking a look at this topic:

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